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Heart Evolution And Resonance Therapy
The HEART process is learning how to live your life from a new consciousness. We are evolving into a new paradigm on planet earth. The old way of being, which is led by the fear based ego centered mind is falling away. This is illustrated in many ways in our physical world as the earth shifts, weather patterns change, environmental awareness grows, health consciousness expands and our consciousness becomes less 'me' focused and more world unified. A larger part of our being is calling us forward. We are moving into a consciousness that is led by our Intuition or our Spiritual Self. This self resides in the heart. It is time to embrace our higher selves and start creating a heart centered world for our children's children to inherit.

A truly transforming experience - Through subtle non obtrusive techniques Matt encouraged my body, mind and soul to connect to a higher source. Through these technique I experienced various sensations of pure satisfaction and peace. In the final stages of the session my body created a final release of tears, untamed arms, pure ecstasy, stillness, knowingness and completeness. My body began to create its own reaction to the session releasing all sort of sounds and movements that I had no control over yet need to be expresses to release what was repressed. After this session with Matt my life has seemed much more alinged and the fears I held have now dissolved. Thank you for a pure moment of ecstasy (without drugs!!!!) Lulu R. Creative Director and Design Lecturer

My session with Matt was nothing short of amazing. Layers of emotions came up and were cleared as we went along. I also had the incredible experience of feeling every cell in my body vibrating for several minutes at a time. Since the healing there has been a marked improvement in my levels of communication along with my belief in myself. I feel ready to take on the world! Thank you Matt for sharing this amazing technique with me. Namaste -- Michelle B - Melbourne

After my session I felt strong, charged and in such a great mood. Rather than being hyper-sensitive, I have felt bullet proof. I am just all smiles and happy It’s soooo refreshing! I just feel so free. I'm feeling super!!! And I am really nurturing and cherishing this new found strength. I like how it feels and I want it to stick around. Thank you so much, it has had a profoundly positive impact on me. Emma P - Sydney

  1. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, which implies our purpose here is to bring spirit down to earth.
  2. We are connected to this spiritual resource at all times and it connects everyone as it flows through us, around us, and is us. Our natural state is in a healthy balanced alignment with this spiritual resource
  3. The way we perceive the world becomes the world we choose to live in.
  4. We are always creating our reality from our thoughts, which are fueled by the frequencies of vibrational awareness we carry behind the thought
  5. The heart is the gateway for our spirit into our physical body. Our consciousness begins here not in the brain.
  6. From developing our heart awareness we connect to the source of our being residing in the spiritual dimension which transcends time and space.
  7. We cannot think our way into this new way of being. It transcends the mind, language and awareness that we are accustomed to. We must feel our way into it.
  8. As we move into this new vibration of being the frequencies we hold will effect the world and others around us through resonance.
  9. Creativity, Intuition and Spirituality are all expressions of the same thing. The part of our self that transcends the physical.
  10. Allowing Expression of that which Inspires us is the key to unlocking the heart centre and bringing our body, mind and spirit into alignment.

The Techniques of of the HEART Process pull together three main aspects. Each one needs to be nurtured, developed and practiced. Like anything worthwhile this process is an ongoing way of life, not a one day quick fix to change everything. With patience, practice and commitment things will shift beyond your wildest dreams, usually quicker than you thought possible. First is a childlike sense of wonder and awe. Second a clear body awareness and third a connection to nature. There a many ways to develop these aspects within yourself. I will elaborate this more in my upcoming ebook on the HEART Process, but for now the best way to understand this is to get involved with my workshops, retreats and one-on-one sessions.

One On One – Specific work to guide you through challenges, connecting with the truth of who you are in the present moment. Allowing space for the healing frequencies to emerge, shifting your energy body through the resonance process.

Monday Meditations– once a week, a practice where we stop, feel and listen to the heart instead of the head. We must learn to feel what the truth is in our bodies and minds instead of reacting to the everyday in our taught ways. This is an on going process that requires pratice, time and allowing.

Retreats – Intensive journeys to connect to your inner wisdom and help build a strong awareness of the HEART Process Foundations. Each Retreat is an opportunity to experience different cultures and step outside your comfort of everyday life to begin to view things differently. Held around the world and in Elvina. This is the best way to really step outside your comfort zone and start practicing a HEART centered life.

Workshops - Through out the year we offer experiential workshops designed to build greater awareness of yourself. Each workshop offers tools that can be used in everyday life. They are a fun way to get into a habit of nurturing yourself and your inner wisdom. These include BREATHWORKSHOPS, AWAKENING INTUITION and SHAMANIC NATURE QUESTS

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